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CBD vape exklusiv – Green Crack


Unserer Green Crack vape (einige kennen es als Green Cush) schmeckt wie ein fruchtiges Müsli. Es ist ziemlich süß, aber nicht zu sehr. Es schmeckt großartig und ist ein einfaches Aroma, das man den ganzen Tag über verdampfen kann.
Ich würde dieses Aroma jedem empfehlen, der ein fruchtiges, süßes CBD-Produkt sucht, das einen leichten und lockeren Geschmack mit genau der richtigen Menge Crunch hat.

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Dear customer,
all our vape cartridges are made using CBD derived from 100% natural hemp full spectrum extract and only natural terpenes are used.
Our supplies are limited!

Your JustChillin team.

► Contains 1ml of substance.
► Only 100% natural industrial hemp and terpenes are used
► Tested by a 3rd party laboratory
► Always free shipping
► Not Synthetic
► All impurities/heavy metals filtered out
► No additives were used
► THC < 0.2%
► GMO-Free

We are not providing any medical advice and our vape cartridges do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. We are not in any way suggesting that any particular mood condition will be experienced.

CBD vape dosage:
There are roughly 200-300 puffs in our 1ml vape cartridge, the voltage you have your vape battery set to (obviously the lower the voltage, the more puffs you get). This gives you roughly 1,25-1,5mg of CBD + cannabinoids per puff. These CBD vape distillate cartridges are manufactured in compliance with the European Tobacco Directive on Herbal Vaping products.

Please, use with caution. Not intended for eating.
Product is suitable for scientific purposes. No liability for improper handling.
We recommend consulting a doctor before and on how to use this product.
Not for pregnant women. Keep away from children.
All product names are for marketing purposes only.

Ingredients: Pure cannabidiol distillate 60%, 10% natural terpenes obtained from industrial hemp.
Vape pen is not included into the package.

For mixed orders with discounted prices, try our Bundle offers.


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